The Best Metabolism Boosters


There are numerous benefits to increasing our metabolisms. A slow metabolism can result in obesity and fatigue amongst other things – so it’s important we try and maintain a fast metabolism. In today’s guide we shall look at some of the best metabolism boosters available.

Types of Metabolism Boosters

There are lots of ways in which you can boost your metabolism. Unfortunately, part of the aging process involves our metabolism slowing down – which is largely the reason why older people find it harder to keep weight off than when they were younger.

The best metabolism booster is exercise – it works wonders in increasing your metabolism and in conjunction with a range of metabolism boosting foods and supplements, you will be well on your way to the fastest metabolism possible!

We shall look at some of the different types of metabolism boosting foods, drinks and supplements below.

water metabolism booster

Best Metabolism Boosting Foods

There are a wide range of foods that have the ability to boost your metabolism. There are four main categories of food to remember if you want to increase your metabolic rate: fibrous vegetables, lean meat, spices, and seeds and nuts.

Fibrous vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are some of the best metabolism boosters, as the body requires a lot of energy to digest fiber. As your body burns more calories to digest these foods, it in turn speeds up your metabolism. A very good reason to start eating your greens!

Lean meat is another one of the best metabolism boosters around. Meat is rich in protein as well as being thermogenic – meaning it helps the body to create heat. When your body heats up it burns more calories by using more energy. Some of the best lean meats for boosting your metabolic rate include turkey, chicken, eggs and fish. They also contain high vitamin B content – another metabolism booster.

Spices work in a similar way to lean meat, in that they are thermogenic and raise the body’s temperature while boosting metabolism. One of the best metabolism boosting spices is cayenne pepper. Eating spicy food generally can help increase your metabolism – and you tend to eat less of spicy food too, minimizing your chance of putting on weight.

Nuts and seeds work by providing you with the good fats that your body needs to be able to work properly – and are essential when you are exercising. The best nuts for metabolism boosting include almonds and sunflower seeds. The fats in these nuts work to suppress ghrelin – the hormone that tells you that you are hungry.

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Best Metabolism Boosting Drinks

There are three drinks to remember if you want to boost your metabolism: green tea, coffee and water.

Many people underestimate the power of water, however 90 percent of our body consists of water so it is essential that we keep our fluid levels up. Even just a slight bit of dehydration can cause the body’s metabolic rate to slow down – so stay hydrated with water at all times!

Green tea and coffee are also both fantastic metabolism boosters. Green tea is renowned for offering a huge range of health benefits including boosting metabolism.

metabolism boosting foods

Best Metabolism Boosting Supplements

While you should always maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise – you may still wish to take additional supplements to help boost your metabolism.

There are both natural and scientifically-formulated metabolism boosting supplements available – and there are literally hundreds available to choose from so it can be hard to know which the best are.

Many people take B vitamin supplements and consider these to be the best metabolism boosters, as they are proven to increase your metabolism as well as make you more alert and minimize fatigue.

There are also a huge range of scientifically-formulated metabolism boosting supplements available, and the best way to find the best metabolism booster is to try them out for yourself. Some of them can be quite expensive, so you may wish to do your research beforehand, and not get sucked into fancy marketing or advertising! There are lots of forums and web sites full of reviews on the various supplements so you can help make an informed decision when searching for the best metabolism booster.

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